Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time for Change

The trio and I have been changing rooms around the last few days. Emily moved a twin bed into her room. She has actually slept in said bedroom- ALONE- since Friday night. This is a first!! She slept in her room ALL night alone!! And woke up cheery in the morning. Now, to convince Meagan and Quincy that beds in bedrooms are ok to use and sleep in!

Monday was spent weeding our yard and setting up the pool. How FUN!! It was only 110F! Lots of water to drink and playing in water soothed the natives into helping for 4 hours! 6 kids, 2 adults. Remind me next year to do this chore in April, when it is cooler!

Our cat, a Blue Russian, is adjusting to Arizona. She usually does not shed and is now shedding- lots. We comb her 3-4 times a day. She is now sunning herself almost daily. Does she not realize it is over 100 degrees outside? She just lays in the sun- for hours. She almost looks as if she is tanning. She will lay on one side, switch to the other, then lay on her back, then, just lay on her belly, and finishes her time, just sitting quietly in the sun. She only makes sounds in the very early morning, to whoever meets her first. She meows once or twice, rubs up against your legs, then, finds a place to nap. You will not hear another "meow" out of her all day. So, when she was howling this morning, she woke me up. David had shut her out of where he was! She was indignant! She even came to me when I called her name. She meowed a few more times. I opened the door, and she just glared at David. It was comical to watch. Later! Gena

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  1. And I thought we had it hot here in Texas!!
    I read the temp and then thought gosh where in the world are you that it is hotter there than here in Texas. And then I read on down and seen Arizona. Well that explains it!!
    So next time i go to complain here, i will think of you and thank the Lord its not as hot here.

    Our hottest day so far was ealier this week, it wa 101 F.
    Well stay cool in that pool!! Have fun!